Bosnien – Hundetötungen verhinden!

Dr. Barbara Wardeck-Mohr, Germany 07.12.13
Working in science Kynologie/ Journalistic publishing

Protestbrief/Email, bitte an die unten angegebenen Mailadressen senden:


Ladies and Gentlemen,

to kill dogs is a crime and it’s not possible for a civilized Country, which wants to enter to EU.
There are lots of Organisations in Europe and animal protectors,
who can help for kastration and sterilisations of animals and help to adopt DOGS in Your Country.

The whole world will protest against DOG Killing and against Bosnia-
like now in Romania.
There are millions of international strong protests from Europe, Brasil, New York!
…and your contry has no chance to come in EU.
Further on there will be boykotts of your exports and tourisme.

Share our love to animals and lets work together!
The DOGS MUST stay alive in Bosnia!

Best wishes
Dr. Barbara Wardeck Mohr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “” <>, Peter Löwisch <>, “Dr. Wardeck-Mohr” <>


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