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Romania Hero of lost souls

Since the beginning of 2014 stray dogs in Romania may be killed by law. Petra Ciocan is fighting for the lives of strays – and risks her own

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The young dog with her big brown eyes stretches her paws through the dirty rails – she’s whimpering. The floor in her box is made of cold stone, only a fragile wooden pallet protects against the cold. Her dry food, randomly distributed over the ground, is mixed with urine, feces and water. The cups are empty. Most of the 300 dogs in her shelter are begging for attention like her. Others jump on the doors, barking aggressively and excited. And some are sitting just motionless in the corner, emaciated and sick. The noise level is disturbing, but is surpassed by that acrid stench.


Romanian dogs are waiting - for an adoption or their death (Foto von: Wiebke Plasse)

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Romanian dogs are waiting – for an adoption or their death

No one would probably like to see the misery in public animal shelters of Romania. To hide the horrible truth from Giurgiu, as well as in hundreds of other cities, high doors were built. Petra Ciocan volunteers here every day. The 46-year-old Romanian is working for about two years with the German organization “Ein bisschen Wärme” and since the beginning of the year with the Austrian organization “Wahro” (World Animal Help & Rights Organisation). With sending her donations Ciocan can buy food and take care of the dogs medically. She spends a lot of time at the kennel gates to talk to the dogs. “The situation is getting worse every day,” says the animal rights activist while she fights back her tears. “I can’t make promises to the dogs that everything will be fine.”

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