Killer in der Nacht

Bukarest – Hunde mit Spitzhacke attakiert

Bucharest – Dog hacked with a hoe

hackeDie Strassen von Militari/Bukarest sind blut befleckt heute. Jemand hat einen Hund mit der Spitzhacke attackiert. Danke an Maria, die die ganze Nacht auf der Strasse verbracht hat.

The streets of Militari in Bucharest are stained red today. We would love to know the name of the coward who hacked the dog with the hoe last night in the street. We are coming over in two weeks and we would love to meet you. Thank you to our angel rescuer Marya for being in the streets all night long. Please keep fighting for the dogs. The world is with you. Respect to you Marya.
(Quelle: Paws2Rescue)