Alarm für Private Tierheime um Bukarest


raidDont let ASPA torture saved dogs again like on this picture from march 21!

Source: Occupy for Animals

DEUTSCH KURZ: Insider Infos liegen vor, nach denen Razvan Bancescu seine ASPA und die Polizei ab Freitag, 18.07.2014 frühmorgens und an den darauffolgenden Wochenenden angreifen lassen wird.

Aufgelistet sind hier in englischer Sprache Verhaltenstips für Tierheimbetreiber und deren Helfer….

Romanian: Din sursele noastre, am aflat ca ASPA urmeaza sa intre cu forta in adaposturile private din Bucuresti si imprejurimi. Actiunile sunt programate in acest weekend si in cele ce vor urma. Va informam ca ASPA nu are dreptul sa ridice caini de pe proprietati private si va sfatuim sa va asigurati paza sporita in aceasta perioada. Daca zvonurile se confirma, sunati de urgenta la 112 si la presa.
Membri grupului A.D.A., activistii care sunt Pe urmele HINGHERILOR va stau si ei la dispozitie si va ofera tot sprijinul.
ARTICOLUL 27 – Constitutia Romaniei
(1) Domiciliul şi reşedinţa sunt inviolabile. Nimeni nu poate pătrunde sau rămâne în domiciliul ori în reşedinţa unei persoane fără învoirea acesteia.

ENGLISH: Occupy for Animals has received an inside information saying that ASPA head, Razvan Bancescu and Police, will hit private shelters as early as tomorrow, Friday, 18th of July, 2014 and on the weekends to come.

Repercussions in the pattern of the illegal raid on Vier Pfotens’ private clinic and the adjacent private shelter run by Paws2Rescue like happened on Friday 21st of March must be anticipated:—aspa-raided-a-private-shelter-and-the-adjucent-clinic-of-vier-pfoten-in-bucharest-on-21st-of-march-2014.html

We are calling on all our friends operating private shelters in the Bucharest to:

1) ensure the animals are clearly identified and identifiable in clearly documented locations. With any “ownership” documents available together with evidence of vaccinations etc clearly associated with each animal.

2) put signs on the doors/gates that there is strictly no access to the property without prior arrangement with the owner.


to ensure that there are witnesses present with cameras / videos and to document each individual if they approach the property – asking for identitying papers and warrants of entry and details of powers granted and by whom in relation to the animals – and please FORWARD YOUR VIDEOS TO OFA

4) Ask for copies of any warrants

5) Ask for receipts if dogs are removed

6) If any animals are already “owned” by third parties in other EU countries – inform those owners and ask them to contact their lawyers/MP/MEP etc to inform them of the threat

7) REMEMBER THAT according to the Romanian Constitution:

Article 27

“the Romanian Constitution (1) the domicile and residence are inviolable. No one may enter or remain in the residence or in the residence of a person without his consent thereto”

8) Please note that ASPA is not entitled to raise dogs on private property but we must advise you to ensure increased security during this period.

If you happen to be threatened by ASPA, please call 112 and inform the media as well as OFA and Vier Pfoten immediately.




Please SHARE this warning in your groups, and please sent it to all your Romanian friends.