There is the smell of something stinking here

buthenhoffduffyThe Kilings – how to kill a movement

Analysis and conclusions of an insider

Autor: Claudia Buthenhoff-Duffy, Producer of the film “How a Law is made” (German and english version available)

The timeline seems  to be perfect.

Right at the moment when some activists start taking the streets, blocking ASPA authorities and causing a hell of problems to the Bucharest autority called ASPA and their sinsiter helpers (who are possibly illegally operating – which nobody knows for sure as no lawyer til now in RO can tell).

After Romanian citizens having been physically attacked and injured by ASPA boss, after Mayor O. sending special squads to accompagny his ASPA pals in their nightly raids on supposedly dangerous strays in Bucharest streets, two foreigners get into an ambush ( right under the eyes of local police without stopping the attack) and get away with minor injuries but huge trauma but at least alive. This is news on various Romanian media.
The next day a press conference is held by the activists. Animal rights activist and film maker Mihnea Columbeanu is one of the leading faces of the movement,, for many years (not only since last year!) outspoken for the strays, organizer of demonstrations and a sharp analyzer of the situation.
In the evening of the very same day another special unit of Romanian police authorities raids the home of this prominent protagonist of the fight against authorities’ despotism, finds incriminating evidence and detains him over night. Next day he is set free under special survaillance. His reputation is ruined. No matter what later will be revealed in a court case – something will stick with him forever. If there will ever be a fair court case in his country at all …
His comrades now practise duck and cover and become silent – including the suspect himself. Nobody knows what to do, what to think, who to trust anymore. The lawyer asks everyone to PLEASE not mention his name in any circumstance.
A self-appointed insider an ‚OMG!!!!!!’ lady from UK, unable to speak nor understand Romanian language, visiting the country for the first time, pretends that the suspect has revealed to her his true nature of being a POS (whatever this means – how much I love these abbrevaitions thrown into the space). Doing so after knowing the lady in person just for 3 days … revealing his most inner secrets to someone basically unknown … just coming home from having been arrested … strange, isn’t it?  He didn’t tell his close friends but this lady? For some moments of ‚fame’ some people would state anything …

The movement is succesfully distroyed.

What I learned in my work as a journalist is: Who profits? Who pays?

We don’t know if Mihnea C. was framed or if it is true what he is accused of.
This only knows Mihnea Columbeanu himself.

In a country like Romania which is lacking a democratic society, lacking an unbiased police/justice system but carrying the legacy, knowledge and even the strucures of a former Communist dictatorship including secret service structures which never were destroyed, where everything could be fabricated to destroy a life – will there ever be truth?

We have a saying in German language (yeah, the stupid Germans …): In case of doubt for the defendant. This means, as long as nothing is 100% verified, the culprit must be granted respect and protection and it must be stated a presumption of innocence.

Various scenarios can be imagined regarding this story that looks like a perfect screenplay for a film:

If Mihnea Columbeanu for real has this sick tendency towards child porn, also being an animal rights person, having gotten into the public with his animal support – makes him and in combination the movement extremely vulnerable and shabby, a perfect target:

Possibly he was blackmailed by the authorities after he became a leading figure in Romanian fight for the animals, possibly the authorities having background information about him and playing this card in the most critical moment
Possibly he was intentionally wrangled in the movement to release info to authorities and later to cause this scandal around his person.

If Mihnea Columbeanu is clean and innocent of being involved in child porn:

Possibly the whole case is fabricated, possibly the incriminating evidence was planted on him in his flat, on his server. Each secret service is trained to do that kind of things.

I don’t know Mihnea C. personally.
I followed closely and appreciate what he did as an animal rights activist.
I was in online contact with him from time to time.
He offered me support as a colleague making my film about the Romanian atrocities.
But his relatively close relationship to one of the two Romanian animal welfare federations which opposes bringing Romanian dogs abroad stopped me from a closer collaboration with Mihnea C..
This federation also suspects Romanian stray animals are sold to the North-West of Europe to be used in animal brothels and in labs.
Although this might be true in some sick cases, these allegations – defaming all animal rescuers who send dogs to the safe countries abroad – made me stay away from this group.
The connection between allegations of bestiality (sodomy) and child porn is also quite close.

Conclusion: There is the smell of something stinking here.

Obviously nobody will find out.
Some OMG people take advantage of Mihnea C.’s downfall..
The movement is paralized.
They succeeded to plant the seed of mistrust among the activists.
FBI did so in the 70s with Black Panther Party – why shouldn’t Ceaucescu’s heirs do the same kind of action as well?
In any case: Mission accomplished.