The Scandal! EU- Quo vadis ?

Bukarest: violent attack on German animal rights acitivsts

Open letter for forwarding – even for international media!

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wamoDr. Barbara Wardeck-Mohr          24.07.14


>>Why doesn´t the EU realize a straydog-pilotproject?

….and doesn´t intervene political and judicial against the barbaric dog massacres

Against a politic that contravenes alllegal foundations and legal worth of the EU>>?


Instead of that:

The attack against the lives of thousands and thousends of innocent dogs continues daily.
Now also brutal violence against animal law activists

Attack on our human rights, on empathy of civilized sensitive human beings.


>>All are busy to change something but the EU?

Das Rumänische Appelationsgericht hat das “Hunde-Tötungsgesetz” aufgrund zahlreicher Klagen von Tierschutzorganisationen, ihren Anwälten und 1350 internationalen Nebenklägern am 20.06.14 per Gerichtsbeschluss aufgehoben.

On 20.06.14 the Romanian Court of Appeal has suspended the „dog-killing-law“ because of numerous actions of animal rights groups, their lawyers and 1350 international accessory prosecutors.

Wouldn´t that have been done by the EU from the beginning?


And now, when in spite of the new legal basis countless dogs continue to be massacred,  EU-sanctions that are possible based on the legal position and urgently necessary are still missing

And now when animal rescuers are attacked in RU, cars are damaged, destruction of property and violence rule – in that situation the EU looks the other way one more time. Or knows someone any intervention of the EU.

How is that concerned with democratic structure and a working system of justice in Europe.

Probably as less as the „bailout funds”, that generations in the EU totally get into debt against their will or annex their interest rates under duress.

What else should the citizens of the EU stand and what the animals in the EU – whatever dogs or animals for slaughter.

Our millionfold protests are simply ignored . . .even after the “the summer break“ supposable hardly something will change.

Regarding tot he „mass murder or the dogs“ in Romania „the summer break“ all the same continues since years.

By this way the EU has disqualified herself in this context.

An additional scandal:

My „Dog-protection-project“ as a networked straydog-concept, which I have  provided as pilot project in principle and which should have been presented in Brussels at the Animal Welfare Intergroupe long ago has been refused without any named reason.

Instead oft hat furthermore the same Tenor from Brussels:

>>>There (in Romania) one can change nothing<<<


The contrary is right and necessary:

Every day countless dogs in Romania are saved by the animal rescuers and animal rights gropus, international neutering- and adoption-programs are organized.


The effort and power of endurance of animal rights activists and of international veterinarians can recognized not much enough.

Additional a unprecedented willingness for donations of whole Europe!
Also private building of shelters is increasing.

Rescuers accomplish unimaginable work by day and night.

Also at night they fight against ASPA offending the law and run the risk of losing their own safety and health.

Not to forget:

Internationale Anwälte haben am 20.06.14 – wie ausgeführt-
vor dem Rumänischen Appelationsgericht erwirkt, daß das “Hundetötungsgesetz” offiziell
für rechtswidrig erklärt wurde- haben damit neue Rechtsgrundlagen in Rumänien geschaffen-
auch wenn für die rumänienweite vollständige Umsetzung dieser neuen Rechtgrundlage wohl noch eine Wegstrecke zu bewältigen bleibt!
As said before on 20.06.14 international lawyers have obtained at the Romanian Court of Appeal that the “dog-killing-law” was officially declared to be against governing law. With this they have created new legal foundations in Romania even if it is a long way to transpose this new legal foundation romanian-wide completely.

Even at the Court in Brasov justice was dispensed in favor of the dogs and the animal rescuers.

That a changing process in favor of animal protection in Romania cannot success over night (without intervention of the international politics) must be clear.

The persons who have the profit of the massacres with their dog catchers and the cremation corporations are not interested in that.

So they oppose the law furthermore especially in view of the fact that international politics accept their doing more or less unhindered.

And that is an additional scandal not able to be corrected.

But to infer that animal law activists and animal rights groups would not get ahead in Romania step by step is indefensible – even in the context of the social changings in Romania.

And every saved dog counts!!!

Responsibility is not divisible.

Until now it is not visible that this has been recognized in the context with animals in Brussels or Berlin! Even not in the Vatican.

The dogs only have us!


And we as animal rescuers will not simply abandon “our dogs” and even not other animals, that is my strong opinion...


Dr. rer. nat. Barbara Wardeck-Mohr

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