Klaus Iohannis must not loose the election!

What it is all about at the moment in romania

(Facebook catch, describing what the coming sundays elcction is about)

Klaus Johannis must not loose the presidential election – Victor Ponta must loose the election!

If Ponta wins, democracy will be conformized: The PSD-Mafia consisting of the government, extened by parliament and president – mean a dictatorship without visible opposition.

Avocatul Poporului (Institutional ombudsman of the people) – conformized (bought for 1,6 millions Euro)

CCR (Constitutional Court), consists of 9 judges: 7 of them are bought.

SRI & SIE (Foreign and Domestic Intelligence) are in hand of the PSD.

Only the army is not completely in the hand of PSD.

ROMANIA-NATIONAL HOLYDAY-FEATUREIn two years (parliamentary elections) the post communist kleptocrats will have stolen as much money from the states budget that they can afford to buy any possible opposition.

Only an internal revolution can prevent this. Keep in mind that the Securitate will not hesitate to use their firearms.

Ther propaganda machinery consistant of Antena 1,2,3 and TVR 1,2,etc will do a good job to manipulate the people.

So for all people who care for the welfare of romanian people there is no alternative to Klaus Werner Iohannis – the PSD-bandits do not care about religion or ethnicity (its only propaganda tools of the Ponta-Mafia), but to maintain and increase of stolen assets without the risk to be pulled responsible by anybody.

The romanian people are simply robbed – day after day, year after year. The stolen assets are used against the people. For that loyal vassals are required who sell their own people for quick money.

 Unfortunately all parties have been steeling so foar – Iohannis is supportet by the same kind of party as ponta – only the colours are different.rs.

But Iohannis is no Ponta

Iohannis is no  Ponta and this

and therin is all our hope. The route Romania started 2 years ago needs to be followed „Ridicarea Statului de Drept!“ Creation/building of a real State of Law. Klaus Werner Iohannis is the only choice without alternative to this subject!“

Quelle: Armin Maurer

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